St. Mary's Cemetery

Immaculate Conception

Current prices:

Plot $400 (1 traditional bural or 2 cremation burials, or 1 traditional and 1 cremation)
Traditional Burial $500 ($125 to open the site, $60 to cover and seed, $315 to our cemetery fund)
Cremational Burial $250 ($50 to dig, cover, and seed and $200 to our cemetery)
Military Ground Plaque $100 ($50 to set and $50 to our cemetery fund)

Rules & Regulations:

  • Cemetery open from early April to November 1st
  • Daily hours are from dawn to dusk
  • All decorations should be removed by November 1st
  • Do not leave discarded materials at the cemetery
  • No permanent planting of trees, shrubs, or bushes
  • Do not use mulch or stone chips around head stones
  • Place urns and decorations at sides of head stones to aid in mowing
  • All plastic decorations must be on tripods
  • No glass containers or window boxes allowed
  • If you or your family are planning on a burial in our cemetery, or have any questions or concerns, please contact our caretaker John Eisenhard,  at (585) 584-3814
    or e-mail him at